Officers Through 2020

  • Linda Bergmann, President
  • Joan Compton, Treasurer
  • Lynn Pennington, Secretary
  • Wayne Baughman, VP
  • Christina Simms, VP-Marketing
  • Margaret Liu, VP-Membership

Board Members

  • Linda Brill, Johns Creek Symphony Orchestra
  • Lynn Fleetwood Dukes, Fleetwood Dance Center
  • Piotr Folkert, Musik21
  • Sue Haggerty, Arts Advocate
  • Dorota Lato, Chopin Society of Atlanta

The Cultural Arts Alliance at Johns Creek is a 501c3 nonprofit partnership of arts and cultural organizations, individual artists, and others interested in growing a vibrant, creative, and culturally rich environment in the Johns Creek area.

The Cultural Arts Alliance was created by a founding committee representing these 6 arts and cultural organizations.

Today its members include:

More about our members - their programming, services, contact info, etc.

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